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Online Marketing Process – Presence, Optimization, Growth


Your business is unique, and your website and online presence should reflect your company’s authentic identity. We want our clients to own their online presence (literally and figuratively) because it is, or at least can be, an appreciating asset for their business. It is part of what you are building, and needs to reflect the ideals you want your clients to see in you. Your presence online spans many areas including your website, mobile site, facebook, twitter, google plus, review sites etc. Managing this presence and creating the right reputation is important in establishing your brand in your market. Your online presence is an asset; own it!


Too often we see an incredibly well designed site with poor functionality or a well-positioned site with no usability. Any strategy you put in place concerning your online presence must work for you; this means it must address your business concerns first. Just as an employee works with you to accomplish tasks for your company, so must your online marketing strategy – it needs to be a functional business resource. It is important to put your online presence to work by taking the time to consult with an expert that will learn your business and craft a strategy that truly works for you.


The goal of internet marketing or marketing in general, quite simply, is to attract customers to you. Being found is the tipping point of that process, and we work with our clients to make sure they understand what this takes. The best ways to be found online and offline are constantly changing, and are different for every industry, market and company. We want to help you be found most effectively by customers who are looking to do business.