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Meet the Team – Web Marketing Nashville

P.O.G.’s current team is made up of professionals of distinct backgrounds and skill sets, which makes for great arguments, but also great results for our clients! Meet The Team…


Adam Malone

Adam founded P.O.G., LLC following the completion of his MBA at Ole Miss and over the last several years has overseen more than one hundred web design and SEO projects for P.O.G.’s clients. He continues to oversee all the technical project management for P.O.G. and also acts as the lead consultant on new assignments. As his colleagues will tell you, his phone is never more than arm’s length away and he is ready to talk business at any time. Adam is focused on continuing to expand P.O.G.’s team and services to provide innovative new ways to better serve our clients. / Cell: 662-801-8552

Lane Malone

Where would any younger sibling be without some good old-fashioned discipline from their big brother? Adam’s older brother, Lane, joined P.O.G. to direct the operations and business development for the company. Having previously run a business of his own, Lane’s experience and insights have been incredibly valuable to P.O.G. as the firm continues to add new team members and create more efficient processes. Lane graduated from Ole Miss. / Cell: 601-717-3399

Mike Zei

Mike received his MBA at Ole Miss with Adam where they worked as a team on many projects and developed a great rapport. They had discussed working together since leaving Ole Miss, but Mike was busy in the corporate grind. After three years of working in commercial real estate and gaining valuable experience, Mike finally decided to join P.O.G. and reform the old team. He is focused on client relationship management and strategy for the company. / Cell: 214-504-4307

Business Development

Brendon Mullen

Brendon graduated from Clemson University with a Business Management degree. He took his first step forward in his career selling enterprise security software solutions to large government agencies around the country. He decided to join P.O.G. to pursue his desire to help companies grow and develop a foothold in their respective markets. Having strong passion for entrepreneurship, Brendon gives his clients and their customers his full attention, treating each project as his own and being there during each step of the way. His role and focus at P.O.G. is tailored to focus on business development and partnership relations. / Cell: 803-528-5465


Kenny Cordero

Project Managers

Irish Racelis

Janis Ramone

Karl Weid